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About Us

We are committed to quality and authenticity.

Long story short: we’re from Belgium and we love beer. And when you love, you share! Therefore we decided to craft authentic Belgian beers here in Vietnam, convinced that our two cultures share the same passion for quality.

From then on, the tough part started: ensure that the beer that reaches you is the best it can possibly be. Challenge accepted: we bought a brewery in Belgium and brought it to Vietnam, imported the finest natural ingredients from Belgium and teamed up with a Belgian brew master. Together, we chose authentic recipes for beers to be crafted with traditional brewing techniques. The outcome: a range of well-balanced and tasty Belgian craft beers made in Vietnam, from easy to drink to complex ales, each with a strong character.

To make it a perfect journey into the Belgian beer exploration, we opened 2 pubs in the heart of Saigon with a unique atmosphere, where our Belgian chef will trigger your senses with his traditional and fusion food creations.

Finally, on request of so many of our fans, we opened the webshop. You can now order your favorite Belgo beer online and we deliver it straight to your home,  

We pride ourselves in the result, offering a new experience to every beer lover looking for higher standards and we hope that you’ll enjoy it with your family and friends, as this is what really matters.

Enjoy the beers at home and see soon at Belgo!

Gauthier & Francois