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Belgo unique collection of craft beers with subtle tastes
From 6 bottles in HCMC / 24 bottles for the rest of Vietnam.
D+2 in Hanoi and Danang / D+6 for the rest of Vietnam.
Monday to Sunday / 11am-11pm
Vietnam 6-pack
Out Of Stock
Model: B022
Support Vietnam!!!Order now our Vietnam 6-Pack including 5  Belgo Amber and 1 Belgo Blonde to remind the Vietnamese flag! Start with the Blonde t..
330,000 VND
Ex Tax:300,000 VND
Best Seller 6 Pack
Out Of Stock
Model: B011
The Belgo best sellers gathered in this pack: 2 bottles of 3 typesBelgo Blonde Belgo Amber Belgo Session IPA6x33CL..
320,000 VND
Ex Tax:290,909 VND
Model: B033
This CHARACTERISTIC 6-pack is composed of:2 Belgo Artisan Pilsner2 Belgo Amber2 Belgo Wit6x33CL..
330,000 VND
Ex Tax:300,000 VND
Model: B19
Unique flavorful beer infused with ancient sake and brewed with 7 different malted and unmalted grains. Ending with a herbal, lemony dryness, the ..
1,200,000 VND
Ex Tax:1,090,909 VND
Model: B18
Belgian Grand Cru tripel, cautiously infused with an exclusive whisky: The Glenlivet 12. Unfiltered, unpasteurized & triple re-fermented, this uni..
1,375,000 VND
Ex Tax:1,250,000 VND
Belgo Amber Belgo Amber
Best Seller
Model: B005
Highly drinkable Belgian beer with light notes of caramel, dried fruit, bread and toffee. Medium white silky head, unfiltered.ABV: 5.1% / IBU: 18 / 33..
55,000 VND
Ex Tax:50,000 VND
Model: B003
Light yet balanced Pilsner combining a crispy and refreshing mouth feel with clean malt sweetness, finishing on a subtle note of spice and herbal hop ..
55,000 VND
Ex Tax:50,000 VND
Belgo Blonde Belgo Blonde
Best Seller Out Of Stock
Model: B001
Blond beer with a rich foam collar and a fruity bouquet brewed with two different kinds of malt, two aromatic varieties of hops and one secret herb th..
55,000 VND
Ex Tax:50,000 VND
Belgo Cherry Belgo Cherry
Available in HCMC,
Hanoi and Danang
Model: B006
td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}Concocted with natural cherries, this Belgian classic is brewed with a delicate combinat..
70,000 VND
Ex Tax:63,636 VND
Belgo Full Moon Belgo Full Moon
Out Of Stock
Model: B008
Dark ale made of 8 spices offering herbal bouquet flavors, consistent with the aromas and intensely rising through the palate, followed by a long-last..
75,000 VND
Ex Tax:68,182 VND
Belgo Royale Belgo Royale
Out Of Stock
Model: B007
Top fermented abbey style beer with a natural haze and creamy head. Robust and balanced flavours with notes of ripe pineapple, peach, banana and delic..
75,000 VND
Ex Tax:68,182 VND
Model: B002
Session IPA is a low alcohol but a full IPA taste beer. Using 5 different hops to create a tropical and citrus fruit taste, combined with a typical B..
50,000 VND
Ex Tax:45,455 VND
Model: B004
This refreshing beer will charm you with its unique character. Brewed with kumquat, Persian lime, cumin, and a careful selection of hops and malts to ..
55,000 VND
Ex Tax:50,000 VND